Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RI:SA making a return with a new album

I have opened a new website: RI:SA_sys, to promote the upcoming album of my industrial rock project RI:SA. There's a slight possibility that I will use the same domain for other related projects in the future, so it kind of takes the place of late TOD. Enjoy the trailer and be sure to check the new bandcamp.

- sami

Friday, July 19, 2013

CD shipping discontinued 19.7.2013

Hi everyone, and thanks to all who have ordered our releases! Time has come to close our self-manufactured catalog. This doesn't mean TOD will never release physical albums again - future releases will be issued in larger quantities.

All releases up to this date (19.7.2013) will be available for download only. Each copy of these albums was individually hand-crafted!

Once more, thank you! And stay tuned!

EDIT: TOD is dead. Looking forward to start a new label. Thanks to everyone involved.

- Sami

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some news and videos for you...

 Vrum has released its third album, 'Pew Pew'! Enjoy the music video for 'So Far...', the opening track of the new album. It is very 90's-esque and actually inspired by the game Parappa the Rapper for the Playstation. And Katamari Damacy, obviously:

During the last months there has been going on a project involving the members of Chalice For Your Loss, Vrum and more. A drastic change of style compared to these former groups can be expected. The group looks forward to start as a new band with a new name. See it for yourself, this is a trailer from their recording sessions:

And finally, watch Vrum perform a mellow version of 'Mosquitoes Are Swarming This Summer' joint into a newer track, 'For Aino...' here:

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Vrum video!

Vrum has released a video, in which he treats the piano in a quite rude way in order to perform a new song called "Calling For The Wolves", which would appear on the upcoming album "Pew Pew". The tracklist of the album will look like this:

1. So Far...
2. Is There Something/Someone?
3. Melatonin
4. Calling For The Wolves
5. Kid
6. Pew Pew
7. Do You Have Anything To Do?
8. For Aino...
9. "This Is Our Krautrock"

Quite interesting track titles there...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two new releases!

 Since the world didn't end and christmas is over too, we can finally announce the two new releases I mentioned in the last blog entry. Here they are:

 Keep the CD requests comin' and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The CD printer has returned from maintenance and most of the pending orders have been shipped! Feels good man.

In other news, two new releases can be expected in the following weeks; one digital-only and one physical release. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Announcement regarding all waiting album orders


First I want to say sorry to everyone who still waits for their desired albums to arrive. We have not forgotten any single order - instead we have faced the breaking of some essential equipment to produce the CD:s, which has been a huge financial backlash to us. It has surprised me that even running a record label of this size can drain so much money.

The good news is that we are finally starting to get hold of these issues and we'll be getting back to business in the following months.